2.9. The Atom Publishing Protocol (RFC5023)

This module defines functions and classes for working with the Atom Publishing Protocl as defined by RFC5023: http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc5023.txt

2.9.1. Reference Elements

class pyslet.rfc5023.Service(parent)

Bases: pyslet.rfc5023.APPElement

The container for service information

Associated with one or more Workspaces.

Workspace = None

a list of Workspace instances

class pyslet.rfc5023.Workspace(parent)

Bases: pyslet.rfc5023.APPElement

Workspaces are server-defined groups of Collections.

Title = None

the title of this workspace

Collection = None

a list of Collection

class pyslet.rfc5023.Collection(parent)

Bases: pyslet.rfc5023.APPElement

Describes a collection (feed).

Title = None

the URI of the collection (feed)

Accept = None

the human readable title of the collection

Categories = None

list of Accept media ranges that can be posted to the collection


Returns a fully resolved URL for the collection (feed).

class pyslet.rfc5023.Categories(parent)

Bases: pyslet.rfc5023.APPElement

The root of a Category Document.

A category document is a document that describes the categories allowed in a collection.

fixed = None

an optional URI to the category

scheme = None

indicates whether the list of categories is a fixed set. By default they’re open.

Category = None

identifies the default scheme for categories defined by this element Base Classes

class pyslet.rfc5023.Accept(parent, name=None)

Bases: pyslet.rfc5023.APPElement

Represents the accept element.

class pyslet.rfc5023.Document(**args)

Bases: pyslet.rfc4287.AtomDocument

Class for working with APP documents.

This call can represent both APP and Atom documents.


Checks mimetype against the APP or Atom specifications.

classmethod GetElementClass(name)

Returns the APP or Atom class used to represent name.

Overrides GetElementClass() when the namespace is APP_NAMESPACE.

class pyslet.rfc5023.APPElement(parent, name=None)

Bases: pyslet.xmlnames20091208.XMLNSElement

Base class for all APP elements.

All APP elements can have xml:base, xml:lang and/or xml:space attributes. These are handled by the base Element base class. Constants

pyslet.rfc5023.APP_NAMESPACE = 'http://www.w3.org/2007/app'

The namespace to use for Atom Publishing Protocol elements

pyslet.rfc5023.ATOMSVC_MIMETYPE = 'application/atomsvc+xml'

The mime type for service documents

pyslet.rfc5023.ATOMCAT_MIMETYPE = 'application/atomcat+xml'

The mime type for category documents