2.1. Python 2.6 Compatibility

When imported, this module modifies a number of standard modules. This patching is done at run time by the pyslet.py26 module and will affect any script that uses Pyslet. It does not modify your Python installation!

Benign addition of the SEEK_* constants as defined in Python 2.7.
Modifies the behaviour of the WSGI server when procssing HEAD requests so that Content-Length headers are not stripped. There is an issue in Python 2.6 that causes HEAD requests to return a Content-Length of 0 if the WSGI application does not return any data. The behaviour changed in Python 2.7 to be more as expected.
Patches is_zipfile to add support for passing open files which is allowed under Python 2.7 but not under 2.6.

2.1.1. Module Reference

pyslet.py26.py26 = False

If you must know whether or not you are running under Python 2.6 then you can check using this flag,which is True in that case.

class pyslet.py26.RawIOBase

There is a bug in the implementation of RawIOBase.read in Python 2.6 that means it never returns None, even if the stream is non-blocking and the underlying readinto method returns None. By importing RawIOBase from this module instead you will get a patched version of the class with correct read behaviour in Python 2.6.